About Me

Hello! My name is Mickaylia Walker and I am the Fiction Queen. I live in the Caribbean, Grenada where the sun is ever constant wherever you go. However, I prefer the rain, cloudy and chilly weather vs. the sun  but I still am grateful. I have successful completed high school.

This blog started on April 2015. It was a recommendation from a friend when I expressed my love of reading, books, reviewing and Literature. 
I love to read!
I started to write more recently and I hope one day to become an author and publish novels which readers enjoy.
I read a wide range of books as long as they are entertaining.

More about me:
I love pop, R&B music.
I'm an only child.
I love chocolate.
The original name for this blog was 'Unorthodox Mind.'
I prefer the nighttime rather than the daytime.
I love to dance and sing *in the shower*
I prefer English and History over all my subjects.

My favorite girl group is Little Mix.
My inner animal is either a tigress or any bird, they both appeal to me.
I love to travel to new places.
I'm right handed.
I love to laugh and make jokes but I'm not always good at it.

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