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I'm Back

Dear Loyal Readers,

                               I apologize for my absence and my inactivity on this blog. I really enjoy blogging and it's not something I intend to stop doing. Recently, I have just adjusted to the dramatic change from high school to college after my graduation. In addition I did a bit of travelling over summer and to be quite honest, I am still stuck in the past. It's been really hard trying to get out of this rut I am stuck in.....

................................especially since I got my heart broken.
You know what they say, it was better to have love than to not love at all. But I am not gong to lie to you guys, it hurts like hell and I feel like shit. Like I lost my way. Secretly, I hope it fuels my passion for writing. But, sadly it has me up a night, losing sleep and I can't read or eat. And if you know anything about me those are very important things to me. I mean if I leave sleep or food to talk to you best believe, you are very important in my …