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*********Spoilers Included *********

I like the cover poster, a bit of thought when into it with the sketches at the back. But the typical Cinderella story still has a strong presence in the movie with a bit of the Devil wears Prada.

According to IMDb, after a young fashion designer runs afoul of her corrupt stepmother and stepsisters, she dons a disguise to help save the family business for her father.

Released date: April 24, 2015
Director: Sean Grarrity
Genre: Art House & International, Comedy
Duration: 1 hr 42 mins
Rated: Unrated
Starring: Portia Doubleday, Marc- Andre Grondin, Chris North, Lauren Holly, Natalie Krill and Anna Hopkins

In terms of the movie now, in the beginning scenes of the fashion show, I think they recreated the stressful environment of behind the runway show ok but the makeup, hair and designs was really sold me. I made me buy in to the whole idea of runway time. The typical predictable beginning of girl meets world, world is mean. 

Stepsisters. The costuming was excellent. Here we have a clear example of the sisters, personalities portrayed through their outfit. It's bold, extremely embellished detailing, and vain.

However, needless to say the acting was on point. 
In terms of cinematography it was great not exceptional, but great. I like when during the different parts of the movie various sketches were displayed even the text message, it made me feel connected in someway.

The transformation.
 My hat goes off to the talented makeup artists who managed to convinced me, character was a male. Flawless.
Image result for after the ball movie
Behold the power of makeup!
And yet again his outfits were popping, he sort of reminds me of Tim Gunn from Project Runway.

However, I don't like the message behind the whole movie, where you need to change in your gender in order to be heard and taking seriously. I sort of consider myself a feminist and the movie's message was not appealing to me at all.

And when she falls down the stairs like particular fairy tale princess, I thought the was completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Like really the entire movie would have carried on seamlessly without that interruption, all the hopes of making it similar to Cinderella. 
And for this reason, I give the movie 5 out of ten stars. Comment down below and tell me your thoughts.


2 out of 5 crowns


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