Pitch Perfect 2 Official Trailer #1 Review

The following review is entirely my opinion. I encourage you to comment but please be respectful. If you don't agree with my opinion that's completely ok. These reviews are not meant to be facts or endorsements. I am sharing my opinion and point of view when watching the film.

Let me first start by saying I am a huge fan of Pitch Perfect.

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I will try my best to keep this review bias free....TRY!!!!

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Firstly, I love that they introduced the trailer with the acapella song. This song was originally one of favorites from the original Pitch Perfect movie.

It's called, when I'm gone by Anna Kendrick. Here's the link to the song, it's absolute great especially with cups action. 
I remember when this song came out with the movie, my entire class learned actions and they eventually made a video. Which was filmed at our closing last assembly.
*Brings back memories*

Let us carry on with this review. They must have trained hard for this movie because everyone's voices song so crisp and smooth. Just to die for. However,I didn't want the entire trailer to be acapella. And just when I least expect it, exactly one minute into the trailer, they turn up the heat.

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*And this is my literal reaction.*

Secondly, the background music was just fueling my excitement. It's called, Into the Jungle by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons.
*****I did the research for you guys******

And Fat Amy, comes along and adds at dash of comedy which is every signal Pitch Perfect. Come on guys it's Fat Army!!!

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Again, I have to speak my mind here, I apologize in advance. But this movie wouldn't be as great without Rebel Wilson.
Her mom probably foreseen this, her name and all definite who she is. Comment down below if you think I'm being unfair with my opinion or do you agree with me.

Anyway this is turning into a fan girl review. Again let us carry on with the review.
Thirdly, I see the director's increased the variety of acapella groups; they took this small scale regional show and blow it up into international scale level.
Which means the stakes are higher and they have to risk it to get the biscuit. 
*I can't believe I typed those words.*
This all of a sudden reminds me of the Cheer leading franchise movies such as bring it on etc. Is it only me!

Lastly,the scenes tho were really funny.

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I don't speak loser.
Come on screenwriters, I will admit it s funny but is that all you guys got for smack talk.
*Just saying*
Overall the trailer is great and foretells all the jam packed action, voices and comedy we are about to be served. I definitely recommend all fans of the Mean Girls, Bring it On franchisees and even the whole family to watch the movie. I know I will be watching<3

If you want to know about the movie and the cast click here.

4 out of 5 crowns

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