Fanatastic Four(2015) Trailer Review

The following review is entirely my opinion. I encourage you to comment but please be respectful. If you don't agree with my opinion that's completely ok. These reviews are not meant to be facts or endorsements. I am sharing my opinion and point of view when watching the film.

The Trailer, the's ok. As a previous fan of Fantastic Four it not wowing to me but because of my loyalty and curiosity, I will definitely watch the movie.

Firstly, I thought they would continue to with the sex appeal as with the previous group, but they didn't. The stars don't give much sex appeal but are still able to sell the story to me.

Personally, I loved the cast of the previous Fantastic four better.

Image result for fantastic four
Secondly, I'm not so crazy about the space scenes. I hope the majority of the movie is not set in space. 
Also, I see their powers are still awesome so that's a major plus.

Thirdly, I like the different perspective in which the director's took it is probably one of the main reasons teasing my curiosity. I think the background music in the beginning was probably too much but as the trailer unfolds, I thought it was great for the climactic effects.
Lastly, I thought the end piece was cute.<3
Overall ok trailer.


3 out of 5 crowns


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