Cinderella(2015) Trailer Review

The following review is entirely my opinion. I encourage you to comment but please be respectful. If you don't agree with my opinion that's completely ok. These reviews are not meant to be facts or endorsements. I am sharing my opinion and point of view when watching the film.

Let me start by saying if you do not know who Cinderella is by now, I am kindly asking you to stop reading this review immediately and Google the name.
Now for those of you who are well aware since childhood who I'm referring to let us carry on.

Firstly, I love the background music it sets the tone for the whole trailer lovely.
Secondly, the costume designers were on point. To be quite honest,looking at the dress, that was one the reasons I watched the actually film yet AGAIN.
The starting scene of the women and Cinderella in the field gives the whole a carefree vibe which I enjoy.

However Cinderella's mom speech just made the whole thing extra sweet and cookie cutter. There is nothing wrong with that it's just in my opinion the story itself it already sweet and cookie cutter, I really think we needed EXTRA. Next, I like the effortless transition of Cinderella into a woman, taking a stroll with her father.
Furthermore, main points for the casting director and crew. 

Cate Blanchett did an excellent job as Stepmother, she sold it well.Overall good job by the actors. Yet again I loved the outfits for the movie.


My emotions......

Image result for caption gif tumblr so pretty

I know this wasn't me only but whilst looking at this trailer Prince Charming's eyes just.......WOW,I don't think its legal to have eyes that blue.

Perfect choice for fairy Godmother, Helena Bonham Carter. To me I will always see her as the mad witch from Harry Potter and the wife of Sweeney Todd because those were roles she played and made great. 
But I liked her transition into a more cookie cutter role she added a touch of madness which I loved. However, I would like to continue seeing her in roles which I previously mentioned.

Plus, my favorite line in the trailer, ''They're all looking at you," Cinderella says.
Prince Charming replies," Believe me they're all looking at you."
I thought this was beautiful, not too over the top and not too sweet but just right.

Overall, Absolutely Magical!!!

4 out of 5 crowns


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