Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Music Review

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                   Wow! guys I have so many emotions right now my mind can't even function. This is gonna be on replay for a long time, for all the haters out there. No kidding youtube is like literally crashing because it was slayed and blown away by the awesomeness. I cried guys that has to say something because I really NEVER cry over singers and all that jazz. #stoneheart  But T-Swift has manage to crack my heart yet AGAIN. #lovedit#truemusic #relatable

There needs to be a sequel ASAP!

Here's the link.

             First, I love the song in general, it's so relatable for me and everyone out there, because at some point in your life someone has been betrayed.

                 I like this revolution of music video turning into short scene movie. From Iggy Azazela and now Taylor.  Wow!I'm not disappointed. Hat's off to the director, producers, writers, makeup/fashion designers and even the actors themselves.

      This is definitely a of gem of artwork compacted in such a short space of time. There has to be a sequel!
Even though it was different scenes it flowed really well. I felt the ruthlessness at the beginning. 
I wonder if they had stunt doubled's or did they learn a few moves?

I like the fashion, it made me connect with female fierce. I know they could have been more conservative but I still like it. Tell me if Taylor was in a dress singing this, I definitely would have not connected as much. And neither would you. The outfit is a reflection of the individual.  And she is portrayed a sexy but deadly female character.
I'm so proud of you Taylor for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Kendrick Lamar did an okay job, I wasn't mad he was in the video because he added his own touch to it. However, I thought he could have get in character more like the rest of the actors. 

Plus, with the added sound effects I felt like, I was actually in the movie.

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Cute Couple

Calvin Harris better keep her close because Taylor Swift is gold! I'm watching you Calvin *me and T-Swift Nation* or else we gonna have bad blood. Lol!

Lastly, let me know what you think.Comment down below and tell me your thoughts.

P.S The replay button will be murder because we got Bad Blood baby!

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