I hate not reading the first book in a series

I know this is not only me. I hate not reading the first book in a series for several reasons. For example the book: The Offering I'm currently reading which is third book in the series, I don't want read. Don't get me wrong, I read great reviews so far. I even like the book so far.

Here's the cover

  The Offering (The Pledge, #3)

The Book Cover Is Freaking Beautiful!!!

However, because I didn't read the other books in the series I wish not to read the book. Some people might think I'm downright ungrateful and I understand. But when I read a book for my "total reading experience,"*I just made that up* I like to start from the beginning. And's True!!!

And no this is not only for this book in particular it's for every book in a series.

Image result for sequence

 My reasons are:

  • You understand the characters better from the mindset, personality, style and mannerism......everything.
  • You are familiar with the author's style of writing.
  • You are familiar with environment.
  • You gain a deeper appreciation for the story because you understand the whole history of characters, the world and everything.
  • Lastly, I like to track the progression and development of the books.   

Finally those are my reasons why I love to read books in order of their series.

P.S *Confession Time!!!*This deep seeded habit is probably the main contributing factor as to why a few of my books are unread.

Forgive me of this disgusting habit Loyal Book Lovers Of The Internet and you the unread books on my shelf.


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