Book Review: Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

The following review is entirely my opinion. I encourage you to comment but please be respectful. If you don't agree with my opinion that's completely ok. These reviews are not meant to be facts or endorsements. I am sharing my opinion and perspective of this novel.

By: Sarah J. Maas
Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: Throne Of Glass #1
Publisher:Bloomsbury USA Children
Publication Date:  7th August 2012
Pages: 416


After serving out a year of hard labour in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18 year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin. Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king's council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom.

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilarating. But she's bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her....but it's the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead....quickly followed by another.
Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

*********Spoilers Included *********

My Review:

I loved this book especially the cover. Let's take a minute to appreciate the awesomeness.When I first saw the title, I thought of a Kingdom where everyone and everything is made of glass..............*I don't know why?* However, the daggers on her arm, all black attire and THAT LOOK in her eyes told me a different story.
*I know never judge a book by it's cover.....sue me*

 I heard mixed opinions and I'm still pondering why.  I know persons have different opinions which they are entitled to but for me personally, I loved this book.

I loved the beginning, where we see her struggle. She is completely vulnerable......she came out from a freaking death camp. And lets not forgot the fact that since from birth she was taken in by the King of the Assassins, right then and there they are basically saying * she is going to be one bad ass heroine.*

The King of the Assassin is a piece of shit.....*I'm glad I got of my chest.*
To make someone break their own hand pure evil.

So,basically the Prince needs her to be his champion; his father(the king) is holding a competition in which he needs an assassin. *Royalty*
Nobody bosses Calaena around, but she is in a predicament so she has to unwillingly take the offer with her conditions. 
*She still scores*

*Love Triangle Alert!!!*

Lastly,I loved reading different perspectives' of the characters.  It gave the story some variety. 

Favourite Quote:
"Libraries were full of ideas-perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons."
-Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass



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